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20 Ways to Encourage a Child to Read

If your child is struggling in school with reading and in the area of language arts, their problem could stem from the inability to read very well. Unfortunately many children go to school daily, but do not learn how to read very well or at all. It is hard to understand how this could happen, but it does. In this article I would like to look at some ways that we as parents can entice our children to read. It may not become their favorite hobby, but it is truly an essential skill to have when growing up.

1. Have your child read books that are current and popular.

2. Start a reading club, see my article below on how to go about setting this up.

3. Brainstorm with your child on what they think will help them too read better.

4. Make reading time a priority. Set whatever your reading schedule or goal is, and stick too it. Do not allow other activities to interfere in that space.

5. Allow your child to read kid focused magazines.

6. Use the local newspaper and current events they have asked you about or talked about in school as a spring board for reading.

7. If you believe your child has a real problem have his school test his reading comprehension with a diagnostician.

8. Take your child to the library regularly.

9. Play games that require reading.

10. Have older children read to younger children.

11. You and your child take turns reading to each other.

12. Follow up on a reading selection with an associated activity.

13. Look for outside of the box ways to read such as menus, signs, etc..

14. Offer incentives or rewards to your child for reading.

15. Create a special place for reading and storage of reading materials.

16. Be sure to include joke, riddle, and cartoon books in your child’s available assortment.

17. Discuss what is read with your child.

18. Give your child a book allowance.

19. Allow your child to not want to finish a book they have lost interest in.

20. Allow browsing by your child for books on the Internet, before you go to the library or purchase.

There are actually numerous ways to encourage your child to read. Whether they are poor, reluctant readers or just not interested, combining some of the above options together will help to yield results in the area of reading. One last most important tip to you as a parent is to remember to praise your child, even in the smallest amount of effort made.

On the following sites you can find additional information on encouraging your child to read:

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