Platform FAQ

Here are some more platforms and position statements:

Prisons in the United States:

The United States houses more prisoners per 100,000 citizens than any other OECD country. The prison for profit is an abomination to our country and something that I will work tirelessly to remove. We need to do more to keep people out of prison, to keep them working, supporting our economies and their families. This is one of the ways I will help America be a strong country that takes care of her own.

Single Issue Voting:

I want to say something about one issue voting. I personally think it’s not a bright move. I feel like I can get along with most people, but even those people with whom I agree on most things, there are still things we will always disagree on. Imagine how empty my life would be if I only talked to people with whom I was in complete agreement. One issue voting is the same thing. Sure, one topic might be a large percentage of why you choose a candidate, but it’s probably not everything. Sit down today and make a list of the issues that you think are important to you. Play around with some numbers, making them add up to 100. Then see where all the candidates stand. Hopefully, you’ll find that my stances are often at the top of you list, and if they aren’t, that’s okay, you’ll find the perfect candidate for you. I promise, as long as you put thought into it and vote, I’ll be here to support you.

Higher Education:

It’s true, just like Scott Walker, I don’t have a higher education degree. In fact, I never even went to high school. But the fact is, many Americans are having are harder time being able to pay for college, or paying off student loans. We need more Pell grants! We need more scholarships! We need to make college more accessible and affordable for the middle and lower economic classes.

Suicide and Mental Health:

As President, I will ensure that the Mental Health Parity Act (MHPA) is enforced as law. This, along with better mental health research, and the destigmatization of mental health, we can drastically change the suicide rates in America. Suicide costs our country $44 billion dollars annually, and that is only the economic side of it. Suicide leaves a path of destruction in its wake, forever changing families and friends.

K-12 Education:

Let’s talk K-12 education for a bit. America means well, but teaching to the test is never a good idea. The thing is, this idea isn’t coming from teachers, or parents, and certainly not students. We are losing our ability to think for ourselves in what some call the mother robin version of teaching (because we chew it up and feed it to them). We also have a lot of fear. Common Core isn’t out to get anyone. The basic idea behind it, that a kid in Iowa and a kid in Kentucky, and a kid in California all get the same education at the same time is actually a good thing. The implementation is an issue. Then when parents look at the homework and can’t understand how it works, they assume it’s broken. It’s simply another way to think about a problem that can actually help students in learning to think. Ideally we’d educate people to not only on basic information but also how to think about information to produce quality work. We watch as we lag behind in test scores around the world. And, to top it off, we’re bad at math on the whole. Time to dust off our number 2 pencils and get some work done.